Campus Calendar widget


The Campus Calendar widget enables you to embed a short list of events from the Campus Calendar on your pages.

The display of the widget is generated by the Campus Calendar and is not configurable from within Open Berkeley.

Example of a Campus Calendar widget:

Getting a Campus Calendar Embed Link

There are three different types of embed links you can use for the Campus Calendar widget.

Widget Embed Code - Preferred

For the most flexible and powerful widgets, you will need a Campus Calendar account with sufficient permissions to configure a widget and generate your embed code. 

Widget embed code URLs look like this:

For help getting a Campus Calendar account and creating widgets, contact

Simple URL

If you do not have a Campus Calendar account with sufficient permissions to generate widgets, you can use a simple URL to embed a widget that displays the next three events from one specific calendar.

Simple URLs look like this:

In this URL, "featured" is the name of the calendar being embedded. Other examples include "uhs" for University Health Services, and "bampfa" for the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive.

Legacy URL

Widgets created for the previous version of the Campus Calendar will continue to work; you do not need to update your existing widgets. If you are creating new widgets, we recommend you use the Widget Embed Code option instead. 

Legacy URLs look like this:


Clearing your site caches will not refresh the contents of the widget; caching of the widget content is controlled by the Campus Calendar.  It may take time for changes made to Campus Calendar data to be displayed in widgets on your site.

How to Add a "Campus Calendar" Widget

To add a Campus Calendar widget, click the plus sign in the region where you'd like to add the calendar, then select "Berkeley Components":

Then, click "Add" for "Campus Calendar events list":

From here, configure the Campus Calendar widget. Add a title if desired, copy and paste your Calendar URL (see above "Getting a Campus Calendar embed link" section), and adjust the height as needed (depending on how many items you are choosing to display). Click "Add" when you're finished making the changes to the individual widget, then click "Save" at the bottom of the page to complete the process.

Screenshot showing configuration of a Campus Calendar widget