Create (Accessible) Tables

You can create tables on your Open Berkeley site, and you should make sure that any tables you create are accessible to people with disabilities. Use tables for tabular data, not layout (i.e., do not use a table in order to only display images in rows). See Add Tables for instructions on how to add tables to your site.

  • Tables should be used to display data in rows and columns with proper table headers (column headers, row headers, or both, depending on the data table) as a general best practice and for accessibility.
  • Avoid nested tables or tables used purely for layout - they may have accessibility and performance issues.
  • Properly-constructed tables will be responsive on mobile devices for optimal display.
  • If you have a site that uses a lot of non-standard tables (not recommended), the responsive tables functionality can be disabled, but this will happen for all tables on the site, so we recommend that you fix your tables instead.
    • If you need to disable the responsive table functionality, navigate to your Site Builder Dashboard, then under "Other Administration", click the "Theme Settings" link. Under "Responsive Tables", check the box that says¬† "Disable Responsive Tables", then hit Save.