Version 0.26.0

July 22, 2020

Release 0.26.0 of Open Berkeley contains new and updated features, accessibility improvements, bug fixes, and minor code updates.

New and updated features

This release includes many new features!

Color Band styles for headings (Heading 2)

We've added optional classes so that you can style Heading 2 text in the WYSIWYG editor (editing toolbar) to look like the Color Band widget. Color Bands can only be created in Hero regions, so this update will allow you to achieve this look on Content pages and within page content (such as a Text widget). As with any bold style, we recommend that you use these sparingly.

New and updated layouts

We've updated the Haight and Alameda layouts to add a footer region at the bottom. We've also added new Bolinas and Shattuck layouts.

WYSIWYG available in Thumbnail List widget

The Thumbnail List widget now allows limited WYSIWYG in the secondary text field. You can add some formatting (bold, italic, links) and use typography tags in this field.

Brand date style option

The "Recent Stories" News Listings widget now has a style option that mimics the Campus Calendar date style. This style is also available with the Events alpha feature.

Row headers for Add Table widgets

The Add Table widget now allows you to specify row headers in addition to column headers. Row and column headers are an accessibility best practice.

Editors and Contributors can save unpublished content

Editors and Contributors can now save drafts of new and unpublished content. This allows them to create new content without publishing it immediately.

Updated social media link options

We've updated the available social media link options to remove Google+ and Foursquare, and add Medium.

Code updates

  • Update Isotope library for Portfolio.
  • Update Panopoly to release 1.75.
  • Update contributed modules: Views, Media, Tablefield.
  • Flag PHP notices during Behat tests.
  • Add global upload file size limit.
  • Add global upload image resolution limit.
  • Filter tags in Featured Image view modes.
  • Fix pane style options for Content Item widgets.
  • Add more detailed log message for Customize Page actions.
  • Allow Editors with Widget Editor add-on role to edit and customize any landing page.