Beta Features

Service Catalog

Service Catalog provides a content type and a listings page that you can use to publicize services that your department provides. You can add an icon, link (for online services), and service categories for each service.

Hero Widget

Hero image layouts allow site builders to add full-width images with text (and optional videos and links) across the top of your home page or landing pages. The styles and layouts match the new design of the Berkeley homepage and News website.

Optional Features


The Open Berkeley features listed on this page are optional for users. They may still be in development. If you are interested in being an early adopter for any of these optional features on your Open Berkeley website, email Web Platform Services at

Twitter Widget

Twitter Widget allows site builders to add Twitter timeline widgets to pages. You need a regular Twitter account to create these widgets, but you do not need a Twitter developer account or API key.

Book Feature

The Book feature helps you create organized documentation, regulations, manuals, or other content that has a sequential or hierarchical structure.


Portfolio allows site builders to create accessible, filterable grid displays of content. You can choose which content types to display and what terms to filter them on.

Organize and Customize Book Pages

Site builders can use these advanced features to customize their books and book pages.

Add, edit, and move Book Pages

Your book will be made up primarily of Book Pages. Other content types such as Content Pages, News, etc. cannot be added to books. You may add the occasional Landing Page as the top-level page or as a chapter-heading page.

Please note, top-level book pages cannot be unpublished without disrupting the structure of the book and potentially other books. Other book pages with child pages must also remain published, or you may disrupt the structure of their book.

Site email addresses and outgoing email

Most Open Berkeley sites do not need to send out email messages. (Because all sites use CalNet authentication, there is no need for password-reset messages.) The campus bMail service uses an aggressive spam-blocking system. Any email sent from most Open Berkeley sites is likely to be blocked before it even hits the recipient's spam folder.