Version 1.1.0

February 18, 2021

Release 1.1.0 of Open Berkeley contains new and updated features, accessibility improvements, bug fixes, and minor code updates.

New and updated features

Publications and Departments in beta

The Publications and Departments sponsored features are now in beta, which means they are available on request (email for any Open Berkeley site.

  • Publications allows you to feature journal articles, magazines, book chapters, conference papers, and other types of documents. These may be uploaded as files to your site, or linked to their source on other sites. The feature includes many options for listing, filtering, and searching your Publications.
  • Departments allows you to create pages for organizational units such as research units, academic departments, and administrative units. The feature integrates with other optional features such as Publications, People, and Service Catalog.

See Figure 1, below, which shows the Publications "Filter" and "Full Listing table" widgets used together.

Figure 1: Publications Filter and Table Listing
Screenshot of Publications table, which displays several filter and search buttons, and a table with links to the Publications content item, author, and other information

New layout: Telegraph

We have added two new layouts: Telegraph and Telegraph Flipped. See Figure 2, below.

Figure 2: New Telegraph layouts
Screenshot of new Telegraph layout templates

Updated Class Listing widget

The Class Listings widget now allows search keywords in addition to filters. 

Many Accessibility Improvements

We are constantly reviewing our platform using automated accessibility tools (such as Siteimprove) and manual testing. This release includes many small, behind-the-scenes enhancements and fixes that improve the user experience for people with disabilities. 

We strongly recommend that Open Berkeley site owners enroll their website in Siteimprove, to help adhere to the UC accessibility policy. This will help you identify common, easy-to-fix accessibility issues with your content. See the following pages for more information:

Please contact if you have any questions about using Siteimprove.

Code updates

  • Improve color contrast of non-primary buttons.
  • Prevent duplicate IDs when there are multiple Spotlight widgets.
  • Increase default line-height.
  • Prevent multiplication of text size reductions in subscript and superscript tags.
  • Prevent duplicate IDs on FAQ pages.
  • Fix order of breadcrumbs on category pages.
  • Disambiguate breadcrumbs link text on category pages.
  • Fix double-encoded special characters in user display names.
  • Add explicit background color for top blue bar.
  • Allow overriding link text on listings widgets with More links.
  • Prevent duplicate IDs on embeddable widgets of the same type.
  • Add None option to WYSIWYG list style button.
  • Add Accessibility Information link to footer.
  • Update Lando settings for xdebug compatibility.