Using Siteimprove on an Open Berkeley site

We now have a systemwide contract with Siteimprove, an automated tool for website accessibility, quality assurance, and search engine optimization (SEO). Any site owner can sign up for Siteimprove and begin accessing detailed reports that can help improve all these aspects of their site. Visit the IT Service Catalog for information about enrollment and training.

As a site builder for your Open Berkeley site, you have control over the content and structure of your pages, but not the templates or the underlying platform code. When Siteimprove scans your site, it will report results for your content as well as platform-level results. This document will help you distinguish between platform and content results and will also explain the platform-level results you will see.

If possible, attend a Siteimprove user training or watch a recorded training before you begin fixing issues on your site.

Understanding your Accessibility scan results

Severity*: Errors, warnings, and reviews

Siteimprove divides results into three severity* levels: Error, Warning, and Review.

An Error represents an accessibility violation that can be detected automatically. For example, an image tag that is missing the alt attribute.

A Warning represents content that does not follow best practices and can be detected automatically. For example, having a top-level heading on each page is a best practice. If a page does not have one, the scan will show this as a warning.

A Review represents a possible problem that can’t be verified automatically and needs to be looked at. For example, verifying that an image has appropriate alt text.

* Please note, “Severity” is a bit of a misnomer. A Review issue is not necessarily less severe in impact than an Error or Warning issue. Don’t neglect to check your Review issues!

Conformance levels: A, AA, or AAA

Our systemwide accessibility policy uses the WCAG 2.0 AA (“Double-A”) standard. This means that your website should conform to the level A and AA criteria. The AAA (“Triple-A”) criteria are the strictest; Siteimprove will show you issues at level AAA but you are not required to meet those standards.

Frequency of occurrence

If you see an issue being reported on every page, it is either a platform-level result or it is caused by content that appears on every page. For example, problems in your main menu or your footer blocks will show up on every page.

Open Berkeley platform scan results

The Open Berkeley platform on its own has no errors or warnings at level A or AA. If you see errors or warnings at level A or AA, they are content-related and you will need to address them in your site content. You will also need to address any Review issues at these levels.

See our Google Doc for a detailed explanation of the results you will see for your Open Berkeley site. You will need to log in with your CalNet credentials to view the document.