Version 0.18.0

June 8, 2018

The 0.18.0 release of Open Berkeley contains new and updated features, code updates, bug fixes, and accessibility improvements. This page also includes release notes for version 0.18.1.

New and updated features

New Brand zoom widgets


There are two new Berkeley Brand widgets available: Photo thumbnail with video modal, and Photo thumbnail with zoom. Both widgets feature a thumbnail image that triggers a lightbox-style modal overlay. You'll find these widgets in the Berkeley Components section of the Add Content screen.

Similarly to Promo and Photo Thumbnail widgets, these thumbnail images will be sized according to the width of the region where you place them. The lightbox will open at approximately 800px wide on a large display such as a desktop or laptop, and will be proportionately smaller on smaller devices. Therefore, you can feature a reasonably-sized image or video without taking up a lot of room in your page layout.

Portfolio filter updates

The beta Portfolio feature now provides an option to pre-filter a Portfolio by a specific tag. For more details on this new option, see Portfolio.

In addition to pre-filtering, you now have the ability to set the display order of the filter buttons for your portfolio. By default, these are displayed alphabetically. To change the order, go to the Manage Categories page for the tag set (FAQ categories, News types, sitewide Topics) you want to customize. Drag and drop the tags into your preferred order. You can also reset your tags to alphabetical order at any time.

If the Portfolio feature is not yet enabled on your site and you would like to try it out, please email

Table captions

The WYSIWYG editor now supports table captions. Table captions are used to provide a heading or brief description for the contents of a data table. The caption will appear at the beginning of the table, in the style of a heading. Adding captions to data tables (in addition to table headers with the appropriate scope)  improves the accessibility of your page content.

To add a caption to a data table, use the Insert/Edit table button in the WYSIWYG and check the "Table caption" box. After you've finished configuring the table, click the Insert button. You will see a space above the table rows where you can enter your caption text.

Customize "News Archive" link text on Recent Stories widgets

It is now possible to customize the text of the "more" link in the Recent Stories widget. In the widget settings, make sure the "Provide a 'more' link" box is checked. In the "Override 'more' text" field, enter the text you'd like to use for the link. To use the default text, "News Archive," leave the text field empty. For accessibility reasons, we recommend that you use distinctive and descriptive text for these links. If you have more than one Recent Stories widget on one page, you should customize the "more" text so that each widget has unique link text.

Code updates

  • Use later jQuery version.
  • Update the Behat Drupal extension.
  • Update to latest Panopoly release, including updates to contrib modules.
  • Fix Panopoly tests failing on Travis.
  • Show image tags and credits on file entity pages.
  • Support removing pages from Books.
  • Don't show unpublish or delete buttons when editing Book pages with children.
  • Pre-fill Spotlight slide duration field and remove obsolete field.
  • Clean up obsolete file view modes.
  • Don't render the title attribute for megamenu images.
  • Prevent script from running when not needed.