Version 0.25.0 (and 0.25.1)

February 13, 2020

Release 0.25.0 of Open Berkeley contains new and updated features, bug fixes, accessibility improvements, and minor code updates. These notes also include changes from version 0.25.1.

New and updated features

People feature available on request

The People feature allows you to create content for individual people, which can be featured/listed in a few different ways. A "Person" content item has fields for the person's name, role, job title, bio/CV, research interests, a photo, and contact information. This feature is a good way to create and showcase a directory of people on your site.

This feature was sponsored by SafeTREC, Institute for Transportation Studies (ITS), and California Initiative for Health Equity & Action (Cal-IHEA), and is currently in beta release. If you'd like to use this feature, please email to request that it be enabled on your site. 

Class Listings widget

The Class Listings widget will allow Site Builders to embed a filtered list of classes from the Berkeley Academic Guide. The Academic Guide is is a robust tool to help the campus community explore Berkeley’s curricula and find classes, with various filters available. 

This feature is available now, on all Open Berkeley sites. See Class Listings for more information. This widget was developed in partnership with the Office of the Registrar.

Content Mini List widget

The Content Mini List widget is a new Listings widget. This option allows you to display a linked list of content, with several list style and filtering options available.

List spacing option

To improve readability, we have adjusted the vertical spacing on lists to add a small amount of additional space between list items. The adjustments affect ordered and unordered lists in WYSIWYG (editing) fields and Add Links widgets, and lists using the unbulleted style. There is no change to the spacing of lists using the Brand bulleted list style. If you wish to keep the previous list spacing, visit your Open Berkeley theme settings page and check the "Legacy list spacing" option in the Miscellaneous section.

Display of Current Menu Item in Main Menu

To improve usability and accessibility, we have modified the display of the current menu link title in the main menu. When someone is on a page that is a child page in a menu, that menu item title will display in italics in the menu (in order to indicate that it's the page the person is currently on). See Manage Main Menu for more information. 

Code updates

  • Add aria-current to current page menu links.
  • Standardize list indentations and line spacing.
  • Increase weight of Hero secondary text for color contrast.
  • Prevent deletion of required widgets on Portfolio pages.
  • Fix expand/collapse icon positioning.
  • Update modules: Field Collection, File Entity, Google Analytics, Link, Link Checker, Linkit, Media, Media YouTube, Pathologic, Save Draft, WYSIWYG.
  • Patch Drupal core for PHP 7.2 compatibility.
  • Add Twitter Do Not Track flag.
  • Fix table sorting with exposed date filters.
  • Improve dashboard link text for theme settings.
  • Improve table header detection.
  • Remove deprecated taxonomy from dashboard.
  • Update to Adobe Fonts / Typekit.
  • Revoke deprecated style permission.
  • Exclude unpublished items from search indexes.