Version 0.15.0 (and 0.15.1)

October 13, 2017

The 0.15.0 release of Open Berkeley contains new and updated features, code updates, bug fixes, and accessibility improvements. These notes also include changes from version 0.15.1.

New Features

Sample quote block widget using Medalist colorQuote Block widget

The Quote Block widget features a quotation and its source against a colored background. This widget aligns with the Berkeley Brand standards.

Lead Paragraph style

This style is recommended for use when you have a short chunk of text at the top of a page or section that isn't semantically a heading, but needs to be emphasized. The style can only be applied to paragraphs, not to headings, lists, or other types of text. This style aligns with the Berkeley Brand standards.

New layouts

Two new layouts are available: Tomales and Suisun. These layouts provide a header region and 8 rows of split regions. Each layout also has a full set of "Flipped" and "Hero" variants.

Categorized listings widgets

Listings widgets (such as News Listing) are now categorized by feature or by content type. There is no longer a "Views Panes" category on the Add Content screen. News widgets are listed in the News category, and Service Catalog widgets are listed in the "Services" category. (Listings provided by alpha features such as Event Registration may still appear in the Views Panes category until the next minor release.)

Updated Features

Editable user display names

It is now possible for logged-in users to edit their display name.

By default, user display names are not shown anywhere on the public pages on sites. The display name is used on the dashboard, to show the author on internal content listings, and on revision logs.

Sample quote block widget using Founders Rock colorNew color for Promo and Quote Block widgets

The Founders Rock (medium blue) color scheme is now available for Promo, Promo with Image, and Quote Block widgets.

No more "destination" selection when uploading images

When uploading a new image or attachment using the "Add Media" button in the editing toolbar, you will no longer need to select the "public" file destination. You will skip the screen where you used to make this choice, and the public destination will be selected automatically.

Caching of listing widgets

To improve performance, we have implemented some short-term caching for listing widgets such as those provided by News, Service Catalog, and various alpha features. Unlike the existing caching setup, which caches entire pages for anonymous visitors, the listing widget caching will affect logged-in users. When adding or updating content that appears in a listing widget, you may need to wait up to 2 minutes to see your content updates reflected in the widget.

Code updates

  • Switch to headless Chrome for Travis testing.
  • Update to latest version of Linkchecker.
  • Manage access to IPE on all entity types.
  • Mark up Hero widgets as divs.
  • Prevent notices on Panels settings page.
  • Allow Portfolios to be filtered on Departments (alpha feature).
  • Add role and aria-label to search forms.
  • Fix embed URLs and titles for Twitter and Docs widgets.
  • Use CSS for iframe style attributes.
  • Fix log messages for display name updates.