Version 0.10.0 (and 0.10.1)

October 7, 2016


The 0.10.0 version of Open Berkeley contains new components, updates to existing features, and code updates. This page also includes notes for version 0.10.1, which contains bug fixes and minor code updates.

Please upgrade to the new theme!

Many of the changes included in this release pertain to Open Berkeley sites using the latest Public Affairs-branded theme.

If you are not yet using the branded theme: In order to support the Public Affairs branding initiative, we would like to work with you to enable the new theme on your site (the theme only has to do with the design of your site - your content will not change).

If you have questions about this, and/or if you would like to start using the new theme (which gives you access to new features only available on the branded theme), please email

New and updated features

Brand component updates

New Thumbnail List widget

For Open Berkeley sites on the Brand theme, we've added a branded Thumbnail List widget. The widget allows you to create lists highlighting your content with images, primary and secondary text, and links. See Thumbnail List for more information. Thumbnail List widgets are only available on the Brand theme.

Hero layout availability

In order to prevent display problems on pages with local (sidebar) menus, we have restricted Hero layouts to Landing pages, which do not automatically include a local menu. To add a local menu to a Landing page, you can use the Submenu widget. See Layouts and Widgets for more information. Hero layouts are only available on the Brand theme.

Choice of widget title styles

The Brand theme now provides two style options for the display of widget titles: the original style, and a new style that uses the Brand sans-serif font. You can choose a default style for all widgets, and also set the style individually per widget. See Configure Widgets for more information. Widget title styles are only available on the Brand theme.

New embeddable widgets

Google / bConnected widgets

We have added four new widgets that allow you to embed bConnected or Google content into your pages:

  • Google Docs
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Forms
  • Custom Google Maps

These widgets are available for all sites, you do not need to request them. Please note that the embedded content must be available to the public in order to be embedded successfully. See Google and bConnected Widgets for more information.

Twitter widgets

The embeddable Twitter widget is now available on all sites, you do not need to request that the feature be enabled. See Twitter Widget for more information.

Home Page revisions

We have converted site home pages from special pages into regular Landing pages so that builders can take advantage of revisions. All available layout, content, and widget options remain the same. See Edit the Home page for more information.

Linkit for link fields

It is now possible to use Linkit to easily link to existing content in link fields when configuring widgets. Previously, Linkit was only available when using the WYSIWYG editor. See Types of Widgets for more information. 

Service Catalog fields

The Service Catalog now includes two new fields: Owner and More info. See Service catalog for more information.

Code updates

Version 0.10.0

  • Update all sites to PHP 5.6.
  • Update to Drupal core 7.50.
  • Fix links on overridden Submenu Widget titles.
  • Restrict widget title tags.
  • Update makefile for Panopoly Search.
  • Automatically re-run failing Travis tests.

Version 0.10.1

  • Fix live preview on Thumbnail List widgets.
  • Update to Pathauto 1.3 to fix occasional widget title link issue.
  • Adjust padding on Thumbnail List widgets.
  • Fix display of Image widgets in full-width Brand regions.
  • Fix double underlines on collapsible content headings.
  • Improve accessibility of links in site notification messages.
  • Fix deleting of links in widget link fields.
  • Allow the lang and dir attributes on certain tags in the WYSIWYG editor.