Version 0.24.0 (and 0.24.1)

November 14, 2019

Release 0.24.0 of Open Berkeley contains new and updated features, accessibility improvements, bug fixes, and minor code updates. These notes also include changes from version 0.24.1.

New and updated features

Featured Image field

All content types now include a new Featured Image field. Some of the new Listings widgets detailed below require the addition of a "Featured Image" on the original content item, and the image can be uploaded or selected from the image library during the process of creating/editing the content item. The Featured Image can optionally be displayed on individual pages by customizing the page and adding the Featured Image widget. 

This feature was sponsored by the Institution of Transportion Studies (in-progress Open Berkeley site). 

Grid and Thumbnail listings

To take advantage of the new Featured Image field, we have added listings widgets that display content in a responsive photo grid format or in a thumbnail list format. There are also two new options for News Listings widgets that use the Featured Image field. Some of these new widget options also utilize the Edit Summary field available on most content types. 


It's highly recommended to use "Single Preview Mode" in your widget preview settings. See Widget Previews for more information. 

Re-categorized widgets

We have moved the "Add content list" and "Add collapsible content list" widget options from the top level of the Add Content screen into a new Listings category (which also includes the new Content Grid and Content Thumbnail List widgets as mentioned above).

Please update your Credits page

The Office of Communications and Public Affairs has requested that Open Berkeley sites update their Credits pages with current links and information about the Berkeley Brand. See our own Credits page for an example; feel free to copy the text and links and update it with specific details for your site.

Code updates

  • Improve labels and categorization of listings widgets and their filters.
  • Update README files for features.
  • Remove invalid view mode options from widget configurations.
  • Output table column headers in listings widgets by default.
  • Remove unused widget configuration options.
  • Improve labeling of field widget buttons.
  • Patch Panopoly to fix PHP notices.