Version 0.17.0

May 3, 2018

The 0.17.0 release of Open Berkeley contains new and updated features, code updates, bug fixes, and accessibility improvements. This page also includes notes for release 0.17.1.

New and updated features

Book feature

The Open Berkeley Book feature allows site editors to create content that is hierarchical or sequential. For example, you can create organized manuals, documentation, policies, and regulations.

The feature is now in beta and is available on request for any Open Berkeley site. Many thanks to the feature sponsor, Academic Senate.

Improved YouTube embeds

When used with YouTube videos, the Add Video widget now allows you to embed a YouTube playlist. Generate a URL for the playlist and it should be allowed in the widget.

Landing pages can be tagged with sitewide Topics

You can now tag Landing pages with sitewide topics. If you want to tag an existing landing page, you will need to add the Topics field widget in order for them to display on the page. New landing pages will automatically display the widget.

Additional Hero stock images and tags

We have added a new collection of stock Hero images from Public Affairs, including more that show a variety of individual people. We have also added more Media Tags, so you can more easily find images by theme. Tags include Academics, Campus (buildings, architecture, iconic symbols), Crowds, People (closeups or individually-recognizable people), and Spirit.

Image credit field

On widgets that have an image credit field (such as the Hero widget and Photo Thumbnail widget), the field will automatically populate from the image's credit field when you add an image. You can override this by changing the content of the widget image credit field. You can also edit the image credit on the image itself, but that will not affect existing usage of the image.

File icon links

You now have the option to display a file icon when linking to recognized file types. The option is sitewide and can be turned on in your theme settings. New sites created after this release will have the option turned on by default.

Code updates

  • Update Media, File Entity, and Media YouTube modules.
  • Update Menu Fields module and fix megamenu integration.
  • Add upstream YML file for PHP version configuration.
  • Update to PHP 7.1 on core platform.
  • Fix Google Map widget not recognizing some valid custom map URLs.
  • Fix database exceptions in Service Catalog search.
  • Prevent PHP notices when managed files are deleted despite still being used in widgets.
  • Fix full screen mode in the WYSIWYG editor.
  • Remove manual crop from Brand image widgets.
  • Fix behavior when opening a Media edit modal from within a widget editing modal.
  • Import stock images from Public Affairs.
  • Improve placeholder text for widgets that don't have content.
  • Fix incorrect sorting on the Files dashboard of files with identical dates.