Version 1.2.0

June 23, 2021

Release 1.2.0 of Open Berkeley contains new and updated features, bug fixes, and minor code updates.

New and Updated Features

Video Widget Improvements

Open Berkeley includes multiple options for featuring videos on your site:

Updates to these Video widgets were sponsored by Research, Teaching, and Learning (RTL).

Timecodes for YouTube Videos

You can now set an embedded YouTube video to start playing at a specific point in the video.

"Video Description" Field on Add Video Widgets

The Add Video widget now includes a "Video Description" field, which is an optional text field that will be displayed below the video player. You can use this field for a short description or other content related to the video.

Figure 1: "Add Video" widget with optional video description
Screenshot of Add Video modal screen, with Kaltura video and video description

Sort Publications by Title

Publications listing widgets can now be sorted by title.

Topics on Book Pages

You can now tag Book pages with sitewide topics.

Code Updates

  • Maintenance update to Drupal core 7.81.
  • Update to Panopoly 1.81. Includes updates to contributed modules: CTools, Panels, Features, File Entity, Media, Media YouTube, Link, Linkit, Search API, Search API DB, Token, Views Bulk Operations.
  • Update contributed modules: Field Collection, Redirect, External Link, LDAP.
  • Add image credit field to Brand image widgets.
  • Fix tracking of internal site searches in Google Analytics.
  • Update to new format of Simple GMap URLs.
  • Disable field storage optimization for sites using Workflow.
  • Fix reusable widgets when live previews are disabled.
  • Fix display of complex content in Teaser mode.
  • Use preview settings defaults in Behat tests.
  • Disallow some style attributes in the WYSIWYG.