Version 0.20.0

October 3, 2018

The 0.20.0 release of Open Berkeley contains new and updated features, code updates, and bug fixes. This page also includes notes for release 0.20.1.

New Features

Clone Content

The Clone Content feature allows site builders and other privileged users to take an existing page, make a copy of it including all fields, widgets, and layouts, and then update the parts of the page that are different from the source page. Site builders can choose which content types are eligible for cloning.

This feature was sponsored by the Vice Chancellor for Administration for the Campus Access Services site. It is available to all Open Berkeley managed sites now; there is no need to request that the feature be enabled.

Widget Editor role

To support content cloning and provide more flexible options for users, we have created the Widget Editor role. This is an add-on role that Site Builders can grant to users with the Contributor or Editor role. It allows these users to clone content, and to change layouts and add widgets on pages that they can edit. (Contributors can edit content that they own; Editors can edit any content.)

Limiting use of the Site Builder role

The Widget Editor role may allow you to limit the Site Builder role to a smaller number of people. If a site user needs to be able to use layouts and widgets, but does not need to do more advanced Site Builder tasks like manage users or menus, we recommend that you assign them the Editor or Contributor role with the add-on Widget Editor role. Every user with the Site Builder role should be a trusted steward of your site. Please take this opportunity to review the users on your site and make sure they are assigned appropriate roles.

New Layouts

Three new layouts are available: Alameda, Muir, and Temescal. These layouts provide some new variations on three-column and four-column layouts. See Use and Change Layouts.

Alameda layout Muir layout Temescal layout

Code Updates

  • Prevent mismatched table code from disrupting Customize Page button.
  • Fix PHP warnings on News full listing widget.
  • Set permissions and update tests for clone content feature.
  • Hide inaccurate usage tabs.
  • Fix URL matching logic on Google Calendar widget.
  • Fix spotlight title when saving a revision.