Optional Styles


There are several optional HTML "classes" available that will change some of the default heading, paragraph, table, and list styling in Open Berkeley. To use these styles, you will need to make edits directly in the HTML source. See Edit the HTML of a page for more information about editing in the HTML source.

Expand/Collapse Content

Site builders who are comfortable editing HTML directly can add expanding/collapsing (accordion) content sections (the expand/collapse functionality is used on this very page!) to any content page or text widget.

Add and Use Headings

Using headings properly can help in creating a semantic, organized structure to your content. If your page content has a lot of sections, each with its own subtitle, you should consider using "headings" instead of simply applying "Bold" or using CAPITAL LETTERS for your section titles.

Edit the HTML of a page

If desired, Site Builders can edit the content of page directly in the HTML. If you are comfortable using basic HTML, feel free to use this option. Important note: Some HTML tags and attributes are filtered out, so not everything that you might type into the HTML editor will appear on the page.

To edit the HTML of a page, select the "HTML" button from the editing toolbar.

Typography Tags

Depending on your needs (e.g., if you would like to display code snippets on your site), you might find the following allowed typography tags to be useful for displaying text:

  • <pre>
  • <code>
  • <samp>
  • <kbd>
  • <var>
  • <mark>

Here is how text added with these typography tags will look on your Open Berkeley site: