Version 1.3.0

September 24, 2021

Release 1.3.0 of Open Berkeley contains new and updated features, bug fixes, accessibility improvements, and minor code updates.

New and Updated Features

Brand Photo Gallery Widget

The Berkeley Brand Photo Thumbnail with Gallery widget is a popup widget similar to the Photo Thumbnail with Zoom and Video Thumbnail with Modal widgets. This new widget allows you to showcase multiple images in a modal (lightbox) display. Site visitors can browse through the images in the modal display using arrow buttons and individual number buttons. See Figure 1, below, for an example of a Photo Thumbnail with Gallery widget.

Figure 1: Photo Thumbnail with Gallery example

Screenshot of a landing page with several widgets, including a Photo Thumbnail with Gallery widget, featuring a photo of carrots

Filter Publications by Year

Publications listing widgets can now be filtered by year.

Transliterated Searches

Extended characters (such as accented characters; e.g., résumé) in your pages and in visitor search queries are now transliterated. This means that it doesn't matter whether the visitor or the page author has used the extended character or the base character (e.g., e vs é). This provides improved Sitewide Search results for names and for content in multiple languages.

Empty Tags are Filtered from Display

The most common causes of Siteimprove accessibility errors in Open Berkeley site content are content editing and copy/paste issues that introduce empty headings, empty links, and other HTML tags that don't contain the required sub-elements (such as an empty list item in an ordered or unordered list). These issues are difficult for content creators to fix because they are essentially invisible, both while editing and on the public-facing page.

All page body and text widget content is now filtered so that empty tags will not be output on the displayed version of the page. Any empty tags will still be present in the editing field when editing the page. Tags are considered empty if they don't contain any content beyond whitespace, line breaks, and periods.

Code Updates

  • Update to Panopoly 1.83.
  • Add landing page summary field to search index.
  • Update footer link styles to improve accessibility.
  • Adjust line-height in Give and Spotlight widgets to improve accessibility.
  • Add metatags to alpha SEO feature.
  • Add optional Siteimprove priority script to alpha SEO feature.
  • Update FAQ templates to fix incorrect heading levels.
  • Add CSP directives.
  • Add Do Not Track parameter to Vimeo videos.
  • Patch Spotlight widget to support prefers-reduced-motion.
  • Add Featured Image to sample starter content.