Version 0.16.0

January 11, 2018

The 0.16.0 release of Open Berkeley contains new and updated features, code updates, bug fixes, and accessibility improvements.

New and updated features

Reusable hero widgets

It is now possible to reuse Hero and Color Band widgets on multiple pages. When creating a Hero or Color Band widget, mark it as reusable. These widgets will be available for reuse in the Hero region of any landing page.

Configurable local menu block

The automatic local sidebar menu may now be turned off on Content pages and other content types. Previously, you might have chosen to use a Landing page for this purpose.

To turn off the automatic sidebar menu on a page, check the "Disable the local menu block on this page" checkbox at the bottom of the edit form.

This option is not available on Landing pages, which never display a local menu block. If you want to display local navigation on a Landing page, use a Submenu widget.

Preview examples for widgets

All Brand widgets, and many types of embeddable content widgets, now provide preview examples in the Add Content dialog.

New Hero type

The Hero widget now includes a new layout type: Image Only. Use this layout if you want to have a wide Hero and your image doesn't work when obscured by the text of the Landing layout style. You still need to assign text for the widget, which will be used as alternative text.

When using the Image Only layout, or any other Hero type, do not render text as part of your image. If your Hero widget needs to include visible text, use the Landing or Text Box layout and an image that will work in those layouts.

Code updates

  • Required text fields can't be filled with whitespace.
  • The default layout for new Landing pages will include a Hero region.
  • Hero regions on new Landing pages will be full-width by default.
  • Disable and uninstall the Breakpoints module.
  • Hero widgets will no longer take or display a widget title.
  • Editors and Contributors can use the autocomplete for user names on the Content dashboard.
  • Username autocomplete works anywhere within the name, not just the start.
  • Bulk user update select uses display name instead of UID.
  • Clean up superfluous paths in CAS configuration.
  • Set display name for ucbadmin on install.
  • Fix focus highlight on search box button in Firefox.
  • Prevent out-of-memory errors when indexing extremely large pages.
  • Assign unique IDs to table widgets.
  • Add caching to taxonomy term and search views.
  • Fix invalid nested tags in the footer text.
  • Update to latest versions of contributed modules: Better Exposed Filters, Custom Permissions, Date Popup Authored, Module Filter, No Referrer, Redirect, Save Draft, Tablefield.