Version 0.25.3 (and 0.25.4)

March 13, 2020

Release 0.25.3 of Open Berkeley contain a new feature, bug fixes, and minor code updates. Release 0.25.4 updates the alert banner with accessibility improvements. 

New feature: Alert banner

Due to rapidly-changing conditions on campus, several site owners have asked for the ability to place a banner across the top of their pages, similar to what the campus homepage and news sites are doing:

The feature allows limited WYSIWYG formatting, including links and text formatting, along with several choices of color scheme and which pages to show the alert on.

Please be mindful of "banner fatigue" (when visitors tune out certain areas of pages), and only use this feature for short announcements of critical updates.

See Other Theme Settings (in the "Alert Banner" section) for information on how to use this feature. 

In release 0.25.4, the font size of the text in the alert banner was increased to 24px for color contrast considerations

Code updates

  • Fix admin UI for Fieldable Panels Panes.
  • Prevent horizontal scrolling in Add Content dialog for Thumbnail List widgets.