Version 0.19.0

August 9, 2018

The 0.19.0 release of Open Berkeley contains new and updated features, code updates, bug fixes, and accessibility improvements.

New and updated features

Widget preview modes

Builders can now choose how to display widget previews when selecting widgets, and while editing widgets.

When selecting widgets (on the "Add Content" screen)

Currently, all previews are displayed at once in the "Add Content" screen when you choose a category that contains more than one widget type (such as the Berkeley Components, Embeddable Content, and Reusable Content). The full set of options for the "Add Content" screen are:

  1. Show one preview at a time (Single preview mode, recommended): One preview will be shown at a time. Select a widget type or reusable content item to see its preview.
  2. Show all previews at once (Automatic preview mode, the current default): All previews will be shown at once.
  3. Click to show previews (Manual preview mode): Select a widget type or reusable content item to toggle its preview on or off. More than one preview can be displayed at a time.
  4. Do not show any previews (Not recommended): No previews will be available in the Add Content screen.

For accessibility and usability reasons, we recommend #1 above, "show one preview at a time" (single preview mode). This mode reduces screen clutter, and cuts down on the number of keystrokes required to choose a widget. This is especially useful in the "Reusable Content" category when you have many reusable items available.

While editing widgets

Currently, you see a "live preview" while you are editing widgets. This means that the preview window updates periodically while you're editing the widget. The full set of options for the previews while editing widgets are:

  1. Show a live preview (the current default): The preview updates as you are editing.
  2. Click to show a preview: The preview will not update while you are editing. Click the Update preview button to see your changes.
  3. Do not show any previews: No previews will be available while editing widgets.


By default, existing sites will continue the current behavior, which is to show all available previews in the "Add Content" screen, and to show a live preview while editing widgets. New sites created after this release will default to single preview mode in the Add Content screen, and live preview mode while editing widgets. Builders can change these settings at any time. See Widget Previews for instructions. 

Topics field widget settings

Builders can now choose how to display topics in the sitewide Topics field widget, which appears on any pages that are tagged with topics. These settings will apply sitewide to all instances of the Topics field widget.

List format

Currently, topics are displayed each on their own line. The full set of options for list formats are:

  1. One-line, comma-separated list
  2. Each topic on its own line (without bullets)
  3. Bulleted list


Currently, the widget label is "Topics." In this release we've added an option to label the widget "Tags."


By default, existing sites will continue the current behavior, which is each topic on its own line and a label of "Topics." New sites created after this release will default to a comma-separated list and a label of "Topics." Builders can change this setting at any time (see Topics page for instructions). 

Site names that start with the word "Berkeley"

According to the Berkeley Brand standards, the Berkeley wordmark ", and should always be, the most consistent component in our communications." Units whose name starts with "Berkeley" have had to choose between using the wordmark and removing "Berkeley" from the beginning of their site name, and leaving their site name as is and not using the wordmark.

We have added logic to the page header display that allows you to have both: the Berkeley wordmark and your unit name starting with "Berkeley." The logic will prevent display of the word "Berkeley" at the beginning of your site name in the header in places where the wordmark is also displayed.

If you currently have the wordmark turned off, or have removed "Berkeley" from the beginning of your site name, we recommend taking advantage of this update. See Brand Settings for instructions on how to configure the Berkeley wordmark.

The update will not affect sites where "Berkeley" does not appear at the very beginning of the site name.

Code updates

  • Fix spotlight mini-pager anchor links.
  • Add Lando setup for local development and testing.
  • Move code and permissions to appropriate features.
  • Convert Config Perms to permissions in code.
  • Limit allowed tags in Add File, Add Image, and Megamenu text fields.
  • Prepare view modes for upcoming features.
  • Convert Total Control pages and views into code.
  • Fix user account listings.
  • Fix permissions on builder Reports admin menu section.
  • Disable unneeded themes.
  • Fix bug with backspace key in WYSIWYG editor.
  • Add preview examples for all widget types.
  • Exclude generic node and field panes from dashboard Widgets listing.