Version 0.11.3

November 18, 2016


The 0.11.3 version of Open Berkeley contains new components, updates to existing features, and code updates.

New and updated features

Topics facet for Sitewide Search

Sitewide search has been updated to include a Topics facet, which allows visitors to filter search results by any Topics you've used to tag your content. This is in addition to the existing Content Type facet. See Site Search and Sitewide Topics for more information.

Image widget

The Image widget has been updated to allow use of an image from your library. See Image widgets for more information.

Brand component updates

New Campus Calendar Widget

For Open Berkeley sites on the Brand theme, we've added a branded Campus Calendar widget. The widget allows you to embed a short list of events from any Campus Calendar on your pages. See Campus Calendar Widget for more information. Campus Calendar widgets are only available on the Brand theme. To update to the Brand theme, please email

Code updates

  • Improve keyboard accessibility for Linkit dialog on link fields.
  • Add title and name attributes to embedded iframe widgets.
  • Update to latest Radix base theme.
  • Update Teaser view modes to include additional fields.
  • Add textformatter module.
  • Fix automated test errors.
  • Fix warnings during registry rebuild.
  • Update to Drupal core 7.51.
  • Adjust News styling on Brand theme.
  • Fix links generated for YouTube in the Social Media footer.
  • Switch block heading level back to H2.
  • Add Smart Trim module.
  • Security update to Drupal core 7.52.