URL Redirects


Adding a redirect will ensure that if visitors go to an old link, they will be automatically redirected to a new page. You can add redirects for paths from an old website on the redirects administration page. It can also be helpful to add a redirect from an old path on your current website if you've since deleted the page (in case anyone has bookmarked that page to visit later).

Advanced Site Maintenance

Open Berkeley includes a set of tools that will help you maintain your site's quality after it is finished and launched. These tools are available to users with the Site Builder role.

URL Aliases (Friendly Path Names)

URL aliases (e.g., “about-us” instead of “node/9”) are automatically assigned by default, and are what appear in the URL of your individual pages (e.g., http://YOURSITE.berkeley.edu/about-us). If desired, they can be manually assigned when creating or editing a node, and site builders also have the option of administering aliases via the site builder dashboard.