Version 1.3.2

November 3, 2021

Release 1.3.2 of Open Berkeley contains bug fixes, accessibility improvements, and minor code updates. There are no new features in this release.

Alert banner updates

In order to support mobile usability and improve accessibility, the alert banner is now limited to 255 visible characters. On narrower widths, the alert banner will initially display collapsed. Visitors using any device will be able to expand or collapse the banner.

This might be a good opportunity to review your alert banner and make sure that the information it’s conveying is timely and urgent. Alert banners are not intended to be permanent fixtures on your site.

If your alert banner is currently longer than 255 characters, it will not be truncated, but you will not be able to save changes to it without reducing the length. If you need more information to be available in your banner, we recommend that you create a page on your site with the necessary information and then link to it from the banner.

Code updates

  • Provide default entity title for videos without titles.