New Give to Berkeley widget

October 1, 2020

UPDATE: The new widget is now available. Please remove the old widget from your website, and add the new one. See Give to Berkeley widget for instructions on how to add the new widget. 

As of release 0.26.6, the Give to Berkeley embeddable widget is no longer available to add to your pages. UDAR (University Development and Alumni Relations) has announced that their Give platform will be upgraded at the end of October.

What does this mean?

The Give to Berkeley embeddable widget is no longer available to add to your pages, and there will be a new widget to replace it.

The old embeddable widget has been renamed “Give to Berkeley (deprecated).” Existing instances of the widget will continue to show up on your website, but you will not be able to create a new “deprecated” widget. Site visitors will still be able to use the deprecated widget to donate until the new Give platform and replacement widget are available.

The replacement widget will be shorter, with a lighter blue box on top (for the name of the fund), and a darker blue band underneath the box (for the link to support the fund).

What is the difference between the embeddable widget, and the new Give to Berkeley widget?

In the old embeddable widget, site visitors enter an amount, select the fund from a dropdown, and activate the button to proceed to the Giving site with the fund and amount pre-filled. The new widget is not interactive; it just links directly to the fund’s landing page on the new Giving site.

Additionally, each new Give to Berkeley widget can only link to one fund on the Giving site. If you have more than one fund, you may add multiple Give to Berkeley widgets.

What do I need to do?

We will provide an update when the new widget is available, and we will include instructions on how to use it. Once the new widget is available, we recommend that you update your website (remove the deprecated widget, and add the new one) as soon as possible.

If you have any questions about the changes to the Give platform, please contact UDAR at If you have any questions about the Give to Berkeley widget on the Open Berkeley platform, please contact Web Platform Services at