Version 1.8.0

March 21, 2024

Release 1.8.0 of Open Berkeley contains updated features, accessibility improvements, bug fixes, and minor code updates.

Heading level updates

Following a recent change in the Berkeley Brand markup for Promo Blocks, we have adjusted the heading level used by the widget. Promo Block primary text will now be output as a level 2 heading (H2) instead of a level 3 heading (H3).

As a result of this change, you may see differences in how Siteimprove reports several Best Practice issues: “Headings are not structured” and “Content missing after heading.”

Please remember that it’s the content creator’s responsibility to ensure that headings and widgets are used correctly, including using headings semantically on a particular page. We recommend that you review guidance from the Digital Accessibility Program’s page on Headings. In order to more easily review the heading structure of your pages, you may want to use a browser extension such as HeadingsMap for Chrome (also available for Firefox and Edge).

Email if you have any specific questions about the best practices for using Promo Blocks on your site.

Screenshot of HeadingsMap extension in use:

Screenshot of HeadingsMap browser extension showing page outline

Siteimprove platform changes

Changes are coming to Siteimprove! See the Digital Accessibility Program’s FAQ for more information.

Code updates

  • Change frequency of GRLN updates to account display names.
  • Update CAS feature.
  • Update supported versions of LDAP and Simple GMap.
  • Improve focus highlighting on current page main menu link.
  • Update footer Accessibility link.
  • Update video widget iframe titles.
  • Update Service Catalog permission storage.
  • Maintenance update to Drupal core 7.100.