Version 1.5.1

February 9, 2023

Release 1.5.1 of Open Berkeley contains bug fixes and minor code updates. There are no new features in this release.

Code updates

People filter

The Full listing for People now includes its filter wherever it is displayed. Previously, the filter had to be added separately. When adding new People listing widgets, you will not see a separate filter option. On pages where the filter had been added separately, those widgets will no longer be displayed to site visitors.

Additional code updates

  • Fix wrapping of filter buttons on People and Pubs full listing widgets.
  • Allow landing pages in Portfolio.
  • Update starter home page.
  • Patch modules for PHP 8.1: Facet API, Menu Fields, XML Sitemap, Panelizer, Panopoly Search.
  • Update WYSIWYG feature for PHP 8.1.