Version 0.9.6

September 22, 2016

Release 0.9.6 contains security updates, minor code updates, and bug fixes. There are no new features in this release.

Changes to outgoing referrer information

Due to a security and privacy issue caused by referrer information that is passed along when you browse from one page to another, or when a link opens in a new window, Open Berkeley will now prevent referrer information from being sent out with your external links. Internal (within your site) links will still send referrer information. Other sites and platforms may be taking similar actions to respond to this issue.

Google Analytics and other analytics applications make heavy use of referrer data. Depending on how various other sites and platforms handle the vulnerability, analytics users may start to see less detailed information in some of their reports.

We are continuing to monitor the issue and may adjust this behavior in the future.

Code updates

  • Security update: Add noreferrer attribute to external links.
  • Security update: Remove unneeded permission from admin users.
  • Center revision log message field when using "Customize this page."
  • Fix automated test failures and update to Panopoly Test to 1.40.
  • Fix repeating messages on multidev environments.