Twitter widget will be deprecated

September 21, 2023

Due to ongoing issues with the Twitter/X product, we will be deprecating the Twitter widget in the next release of Open Berkeley, which is planned for mid-October.

These ongoing issues are related to anonymous viewing of Twitter/X timelines. Our platform is not designed to display third-party content that requires authentication, and it is not possible for visitors to view embedded Twitter/X timelines from non-paid Twitter/X accounts without being logged into their own Twitter/X account, assuming they have one. Unfortunately, there is nothing you or our team can do to ensure that your visitors see any Tweets displayed correctly in the widget.

Screenshot showing Twitter widget broken by Twitter login requirementExisting Twitter widgets on your sites will not be removed or disabled, but you will be unable to add new widgets. In a future release, we may also disable existing widgets.

We recommend that you remove any existing Twitter widgets from your site; otherwise those widgets will appear to be broken for any visitor who is not logged in to Twitter/X. In order to showcase any of your Twitter/X content on your site, we recommend the following:

  • Enable social media in your site footer and make sure you’ve added your Twitter/X username in the site settings;
  • Link to individual tweets or hashtags from your site content.

See our earlier announcement for more information.