Open Berkeley Internship

December 13, 2021

Applications for the Open Berkeley Internship are closed as of January 19th, 2022.

About the Program

The Open Berkeley Internship Program is an opportunity for current UC Berkeley career staff to work alongside the Web Platform Services (WPS) team, part of Berkeley IT's Campus IT Experience department.

  • Berkeley IT will reimburse the home department for the percentage of time spent with our office.  
  • Salary, classification, benefits, and paid-time-off accruals will remain the same.
  • Timesheet:  The home department will continue to be responsible for the intern's timesheet, with input from WPS.
  • Vacation Requests: Intern will submit a request by emailing both managers.  Upon email approval, the intern will record the time off in Caltime.

Applicant Checklist

  1. Read about the internship below.
  2. Meet with your manager to seek support for applying for the internship.
  3. Submit an online application and email your resume to
  4. If you have any questions about the program, please contact


For staff, the internship is an opportunity for current Berkeley employees to develop a professional skill set in the web platform services area. Interns will strengthen their career path potential, network with new colleagues, and contribute to the campus mission.

Through this internship, staff will:

  • Participate in envisioning the next generation of Open Berkeley
  • Develop skills in technical and customer communications
  • Learn accessibility and website building best practices
  • Be provided relevant training

For departments, in addition to the cost savings, interns will bring back knowledge of web and accessibility practices and standards to the home department.

Open Berkeley Internship

Departmental Overview

Web Platform Services (WPS), part of Berkeley IT's Campus IT Experience department, provides services to the campus related to: Open Berkeley, Web Accessibility, and Pantheon web hosting.


For over 250 mission-critical sites on the Open Berkeley platform, the WPS team handles security updates, accessibility considerations, privacy best practices, and maintenance/support, as well as continuous improvement and new features. The team also provides critical accessibility guidance for campus leadership and teams.

The primary area of focus for the internship will be planning and testing the next-generation user experience of the Open Berkeley web platform. Other areas may include Open Berkeley website building, accessibility, web development, technical communications, or automated and manual testing.

Outcomes of Internship

  • Knowledge of web platform user experience, including best practices for security, accessibility, privacy, branding, and maintenance.
  • New and improved website building experience.
  • Experience with planning and testing IT platforms.
  • Knowledge of accessibility best practices.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Participate in planning and vision for the next-generation Open Berkeley platform
  • Provide testing and reviews of proof-of-concept (PoC) and work-in-progress (WIP) sites.
  • Provide written and verbal feedback on issues and user experience.

Required Qualifications

The successful candidate will have knowledge of the following areas based on their role in their home department:

  • Experience with Open Berkeley site building
  • Interest in websites and accessibility
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills

Work Hours and Conditions

Under a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between Campus IT Experience and the home department, the Staff Intern will maintain their current appointment, including job classification and salary. Additional conditions:

  • The internship will last for 3-6 months at 25-48% FTE (flexible based on the needs of WPS and the home department).
  • Interns must obtain permission from their immediate supervisor and department manager.
  • There must be a plan to cover workload in the home department during the internship.
  • All work performed as part of the internship may be done remotely, under an existing telecommuting agreement between the intern and their home department. There are no required in-person activities. Web Platform Services uses online tools for planning, collaboration, and communication.
  • Tasks specific to the internship should not be performed while working within the home department; however, the knowledge gained with may benefit future web-related work within the home department.