Lower Pantheon Hosting Rates (September 2021)

August 30, 2021

On March 10, 2021, Open Berkeley and Pantheon Rate Increases were announced. Beginning April 1, 2021, Pantheon increased monthly hosting rates for UC Berkeley and began enforcing traffic limits for their hosting plans, which may have resulted in increased costs for sites with high traffic (number of site visits). Starting September 2021, Pantheon hosting rates will be lower than originally announced. See below for more information.

Office of the CIO Subsidy has ended (was in place from April to June 2021)

To give campus teams extra time for budget planning, the Office of the CIO (OCIO) subsidized the vendor rate increases for all sites on Pantheon from April to June 2021. Campus teams using Pantheon will start paying the new rates beginning in July 2021, which will show up in August billing records.

NEW: Lower Pantheon hosting rates beginning with September 2021 charges

The Pantheon hosting rate increases are still in effect, as are the traffic limit enforcements, and will continue through August; however, starting Sept. 1, 2021, rates will be lower than the originally-announced rates due to IST’s negotiations with Pantheon. The monthly Open Berkeley maintenance charge, which is separate from the hosting charge, will remain the same as outlined in the original announcement. This means that:

  • July/August rates will be the same as outlined in the March 2021 announcement; and
  • Rates will decrease beginning in September 2021 (reflected in October billing records).

See the table below for the July-August Pantheon rates, and the new rates that will begin in September:

Table 1: Update Pantheon Monthly Rates
Hosting PlanJuly-Aug 2021 OB Pantheon RateSept 2021-Ongoing OB Pantheon RatePantheon List PriceMonthly Visits
Basic $23 $21 $41 Up to 25,000
Performance Small $90 $81 $160 Up to 25,000
Performance Medium* $161 $145 $275 Up to 50,000
Performance Large $322 $289 $550 Up to 150,000
Performance X-Large* $537 $482 $916 Up to 300,000
Performance 2XL* N/A $700 TBD Up to 600,000

* New hosting plans

We’re here to help! 

If you have any questions about the Pantheon hosting rate increase, or other questions about your site, please contact us at web-platform@berkeley.edu. We are available over email, or to discuss during a monthly Office Hours session.